I know quite a few individuals are sceptical with regards to this kind of product however I've had excellent results with Lipobind. I started off at 11st 8lb, and a full size 12, I have lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks by using Lipobind and calorie controlled diet. I am down to a 10st 9lb and its been easy. The Lipobind tablets swell in your stomach so you feel fuller longer (helped along by the added fibre I'm assuming. I have tried other diets before but I've never been able to go out for meals and feel guilt free for an evening knowing I have my tablets with me.

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My experience with lipobind

I am pretty sceptical about so named Weight loss supplements, having tried out nearly every diet/tablet out there. I had succeeded in shedding one stone of my four stone goal through weightwatchers plus exercise but found myself at a stalemate largely because of boredom.

Recently i used a personal coach at my health club and showed her the ingredient listing the lipobind pills - she told me to give them a go of course, if there was no substantial variation with my weigh in's, to give them up.

On my initial weigh in following making use of lipobind, my fat mass had decreased by 2.8lbs (I'd been taking lipobind for 6 days).

Yesterday, I had a second weigh in and am pleased to report I'd a reduction in fat mass of 7 lbs.

It looks like that the advertising of these pills as well as the interest with this product centres around the notion that you can eat whatever you desire and use these as an easy way of not allowing that fatty food increase your calorie consumption. .

I'd advise anybody who may be planning on starting lipobind to remember that ultimately a life style change is definitely the way forward, eat more healthy and do extra physical activity